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    Seriously can not decide which one to get
    I am probably going to have to stick with one of these phones for 3 years
    And I dont want to regret it like I did for the past 3 years

    See More: BlackBerry Bold 9700 vs Xperia X10 vs iPhone 4

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    Re: BlackBerry Bold 9700 vs Xperia X10 vs iPhone 4

    I've been using both blackberry 9700 and iPhone 4, the thing that i did not like in iphone was that it sucks as a phone. It usually dropped calls, its heaing power is not up to the mark also. It has a horrible speakerphone. Nevertheless, As a multi media device it rocks, videos to put on it, youtube etc. So if you want a phone go for the BlackBerry if you want more multi media go for the iphone.

    Good luck!

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