Hello to phone insurance opportunity for phone dealers of
every shape and color: Brick and mortar dealers, pre-paid dealers, multi-plan
dealers on the Internet (and its associated space like E bay) all qualify for
more profits and a competitive edge. Goodbye to the need for investment in
devices, accessories and associated lines to make more money. Ensquared the
foremost authority in the Internet phone insurance arena has awakened this huge
industry to the “up-for-grabs” add-on profits offered by providing a
phone service
item not new to anyone, being demanded by the customer anyway and which they
are already selling routinely – at the moment for no reward whatsoever. Front,
back and middle of this line for the dealers attention for a product in this
category is phone insurance. The only thing required is taking time for a
little education and connecting to the opportunity with Ensquared leading the

Until recently the cell phone dealer as a realistic phone
insurance dealer has been entirely neglected by the big underwriters and third
party administrators (organizations that specialize in adjudicating and
settling claims). They have been taken for granted in more ways than one. Simply
the powers that be expect dealers to sell devices along with communication
plans and offer the customer insurance as a service without pay. This means
they get no percentage and zero dollars on any phone insurance product sold. Why
should they one may well ask? The argument for no share of premium goes like
this: If the customer loses or damages his or her phone the discontent will
just boomerang on the dealer so by connecting the insurance with no
in the premium paid is okay; by insuring the device the dealer does himself a
favor by taking away all the aggravation; by shifting the onus on to the
insurer. Good argument except for one thing. Why does the phone insurance
dealer get no credit for selling a service in the same way as brokers for home
insurance, life insurance, pet insurance and almost every other form of
insurance? The question has been hanging in the air for years now and kept
there by the flimsy argument that it helps keep the customer smiling and the
dealer earns on other things. As a result the concept of phone insurance dealer
getting paid for his input has become all but invisible. Not so invisible that
there are not logical alternatives right now

Phone insurance is not straight forward. There are huge
differentials between different providers although many have the same insurer
(Asurion) starting with premiums and encompassing deductibles, claim limits,
number of claims per annum, devices covered, claims turnaround etc. This is
made even more complicated by the fact that Internet companies like Square
Trade are making big inroads and making the money where the dealer really
should. A phone insurance dealer getting paid for his input and efforts will
make it his business to understand these contributing factors to insurance
viability. Not just pass it on to the customer in the hope it works but really
not caring much one way or another. So it boils down to simple numbers: As
things stand now the phone insurance dealer traditionally sells a
smartphone device
valued at say $400 if lost, mostly with a communications plan and sometimes
not, and if asked will sell insurance as well. The dealer gets a margin on the
device and a commission on the communication plan but zero on the insurance. Now
for going through the same process the same dealer can earn from $11 to $16 per
policy sold. Assuming that one store sells 7 plans a day and closes on 30% for
insurance this can amount to $550 per month per store for doing nothing more
than it was doing before. If that same dealer has say 5 outlets (as many have)
then we are talking close to extra $2500 per month, which covers a lot of

For phone dealers this is becoming a new and profitable
focus. Ensquared are talking to dealers everyday by just clicking on
w w w.ensquared.com/Dealer
Dealers from all over USA and Canada
can dial into this opportunity

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