I have been offered a really sweet voice/data plan deal (after threatening to leave my provider) and have $200 in upgrade credits to spend on a new phone to go with that deal.

The three phones I am looking at are:
1) Palm Pre
2) Blackberry Bold 9700
3) Apple Iphone 3GS

This is on the Canadian Bell Mobility network.

The important factors for me are that I don't do a whole lot of fancy things online (eg: playing games, "tweeting", doing a lot of facebook, having lots of applications, etc) I use the browser for checking my webmail, looking up things like movie showtimes, perhaps the odd facebook update, just pretty basic stuff. I more use the phone for texting, IMing, and using the organizer function as my daily planner.

I've fooled around with the Blackberry and overall I like it. I played around with the Iphone and it seems to have the most potential but I'm worried about the touch screen and what may happen with usage over time (grease or dirt on your fingers, etc) Haven't had the chance to play with the Palm Pre but I hear quite a bit of complaints about hardware and software defects and with Palm bought out by HP I'm not sure what the support for this product will be down the road.

Any thoughts or opinions?

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