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    If you are one in the many who is obsessed with germs and cleanliness, especially when it comes to your phone, then you may interested in the VIOlight Cell Phone Sanizer. the VIOlight Cell Phone Sanizter allows you to place your germy cell phone inside the unit for a bathing of UV light which only takes about 3 minutes. Most people who may have OCD will more than likely not lend their phones out, but there may other reasons why they would want to sanitize their phones.

    Not only can you clean and sanitize your cell phone, but you can also sanitize the accessories such as headsets, small MP3 players, PDA's and even earbud headphones. The cost of the VIOlight Cell Phone Sanitizer runs at $49.95.

    via: VIOlight’s Cell Phone Sanitizer is all about Neat Stuff!

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