Hi guys.

I`ll begin my 5year bachelor course on architecture now. It is forbidden to use cameras or camcorders on class, so I want to use a cellphone to record sound and video during class to watch later and study.

Problem is, Im kinda low on cash.So, Im gonna sell my samsung m2710 (which I am unsatisfied with its recording of both video and sound), will add some 50 bucks and buy another cell phone.

With the samsung, the recording is quite low. I did a 6month course and sitted on the front row. The mic was tottally unobstructed and the sound recording was still low. Id have to raise the volume of the tv, which would add more noise than anything else. In the end, I almost couldnt hear what the teacher was saying.

And I dont want a sound recording gadget, I really want a cell phone that I can take with me anywhere.

So, my question is, which phone under 200$ records the best sound and video?

Im kinda of more a NOKIA guy, but I could accept another brand if the quality is significantly better.

Please, help me urgently, my classes began august 2nd and Id still have to order the cell phone and all.

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