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    No more messy, troublesome, unmanageable cords when charging your Apple device or Apple cell phone. That's what you get when you invest in Duracell's myGrid kit. Duracell has announced a new process of charging your device by the use of it's myGrid kit without the fuss of wires and cords. The kit allows users to use an outlet to plug the kit into and place their devices onto the charging pad which allows users to charge up to four devices at a time.

    The myGrid kit will stop charging once the phone has become fully charged and will pick up again when another device is placed on it's pad that needs charging. Pricing has not been mentioned for the myGrid kit.

    via: Duracell welcomes myGrid charging kits for Apple devices and smartphones - Mobiletor.com

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    Re: Duracell myGrid Kit for Apple devices

    I have been looking for the original version of Duracell grid for my android mobile phone. I heard that Duracell maintains the power level in the mobile phone and if possible then suggest me the name of charger of Duracell.

    Duracell battery

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