Ensquared the foremost Site on the Internet on phone insurance is leading the way in structuring dealer and affiliate phone insurance backed protection programs.

Phone communication provision has become much diversified on many levels. This is having a huge impact on the way phone insurance is going to be sold and the changes already taking place in the marketing of phone insurance backed programs for wireless devices in general.

Misconception Number 1: It is that every AT&T (communication provider) branded store (for example) is owned, managed and run by AT&T directly. Similarly, the same misconception attaches itself to Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and other franchise names. Nothing is further from the truth. There are of course communication provider owned stores, but outside of that there are literally thousands of independent dealers and Internet affiliates selling a branded communication service as an authorized dealer.
Misconception Number 2: There is a general belief in the public domain that these outlets are earning commissions on purchase of phone insurance taken out by the customer with devices sold. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and others have Asurion backed insurance plans structured specifically for them in readiness every time a communication provider contract is sold – on most devices (iphone insurance being a notable exclusion). The authorized dealer is expected to offer this to the customer as a service; which they do, and get no cents or dollars for any insurance sold.
Falling through the cracks: Phone insurance dealers and affiliates are missing out hugely on a potential income stream by not participating in the premium income earned. Phone insurance dealers and phone insurance affiliates are labels flying in the face of phone industry tradition. They have simply come to accept it as just something they have to add on when the customer asks for it.

The Ensquared Solution: Focus is now falling on this huge gap in the phone insurance business: Bringing phone insurance dealers and affiliates into the mainstream of selling cell phone insurance and getting rewarded for it. There is recognition that multi-plan authorized dealers and affiliates are growing at a prolific rate and are positioned often to sell your preference of three or four communication services all out of the same store; or pre-paid services not linking to any contract and attached to new unlocked cell phones. There is recognition that structuring phone insurance backed protection programs that accommodate the independent dealers and affiliates, currently working in the phone insurance arena “rewardless”, to sell a flexible range of phone insurance products geared to their diverse structures (prepaid, multi plan etc) and earn well from it. It recognizes that the dealers selling the devices hold tremendous power from a phone insurance viewpoint: At the time they sell the devices connected to the communication service they literally can steer the customer in any phone insurance direction as the customer generally is not knowledgeable. Of course, the dealer or affiliate phone insurance products have to be competitive, but if the dealer or affiliate stands to earn from it without extra investment - doing what he is doing anyway, versus not getting a cent from the communication provider - he will be disposed to sell his phone insurance backed programs first

Dealers and affiliates can connect directly to their Site through w w w.ensquared.com/Dealer to find out more and bring a whole new earning stream into their business

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