After 14 days of upgrading my phone to a Solstice phone i tried to return it to the store I bought it from. The person there said I would need to return it through a "Manager". So I waited, called, and visited the store when I could and never tracked down such a "Manager" until 6 days out of the 30 day return policy. They denied letting me return or exchange the phone. In addition to that, they denied letting me exchange my phone for an iPhone which would make me pay them an additional $15 a month for data and the initial fee for the iPhone - I suspect anywhere from $99 to $299.

Looks like a bad business move to me and something Sprint would have done to me before I left them - for another company but still the same games...

AT&T has nothing good to offer but a good product - Apple... it's a shame Apple has to be associated with such a nasty company.

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