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    Re: Top 10 Reasons Why Touchscreens Suck.

    I don't mind a touch screen,yeah texting can be slower on it but once you get used to it its not a big deal to me personally.

    See More: Top 10 Reasons Why Touchscreens Suck.
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    Re: Top 10 Reasons Why Touchscreens Suck.

    Touchscreen with QWERTY keyboard is usually bulky

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    Re: Top 10 Reasons Why Touchscreens Suck.

    I like Touchscreens personally, but there are reasonable assertions. In the end it comes down to personal preference. Also Touchscreens have an easier time with multimedia.

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    Re: Top 10 Reasons Why Touchscreens Suck.

    11. Touch screens break (and I don't mean a cracked screen), often for apparently no reason. Whether it was a gradual wearing down of the response mechanism or an accumulation of dust or dirt or moisture,
    I've had two touch screen phones and with both of them the screens eventually stopped working all together. Making an apparently internally functioning phone, now useless, You NEVER have to deal with this button driven phones.

    I'll never buy a touch screen phone again.

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    Re: Top 10 Reasons Why Touchscreens Suck.

    I finally got a tablet and a touch screen LG phone with Android. They both suck. I don't blame the touch screen but rather the terrible programming. I sold the tablet to a local Pawn shop who said that he's up to his eyeballs in tablets and can't get rid of them... and most people buy accessories that turn them back into lap tops to begin with (so why not just buy a lap top). The touch screen phones are annoying because many settings that should be intuitive are hidden or vague, or ambiguous, it's too easy to the wrong buttons, etc etc etc... HOWEVER back in the early 2000's I used to own a View Sonic Pocket PC in which I could do internet phone calls. I could use a stylus or my finger. It used the old Windows OS, full color screen, video camera, even had inferred, etc etc etc. Though back then peoples still thought hand held devices were nothing more than the monochrome PDA of the 1990s. But seriously back in 2003 pocket computers like the View Sonic were awesome... Now that Im using the crazy OS out there like Windows Android Jellybean etc I have noticed they are horrible. The way they have everything set to swipe scroll and hide settings or make it hard simply to answer your phone is sick. Heck I can press and swipe the answer circle several times before I can answer my phone. So basically I blame how asinine computer programming as become.. Also this weird obsession with scrolling, swiping, and what ever they try to force us to do... with the old OS on my ViewSonic I could simply click Start, click on the program I want, badah-Bing-Badah-Bang and done. And back then they had a program that allowed you to train the screen that only took a couple simple steps (so it was accustomed to your touch). I blame the notion that this whole tile metro / swiping thing somehow looks futuristic and cool when in all reality it's cumbersome, stupid, slows us down, it's vague & ambiguous, and not very smart. What they call Smart Phones these days are anything but smart... Anyway if you can get your hands on an old ViewSonic V35 or V36 (I forget the specific model) and be able to study it, you will find that it made logical sense, was highly functional, and easy to understand... I am not trying to sell anything here nor am I saying that the older ViewSonic is compatable with today's phone plans. I am only pointing out that if you compare the two types today you'd see that it's not the touch screen that's the problem it's the stupid programming they use today. Though the whole smart phone thing is modeled after the iPhone that came out a few years ago which was a terrible rendition of the I-mode that the Japanese and Europeans had 10 years ago. Sad but true that when ever the USA creates something it's usually a rip off of someone elses tech and poorly done... Even back when they invented Windows that wasn't truly original either... Long story short it's a matter off "Poor Style Choice".

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    Re: Top 10 Reasons Why Touchscreens Suck.

    Totally agree on the key pad. I love my touchscreen phone, but I do miss my Nokia with the slide out QWERTY keyboard.

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    Re: Top 10 Reasons Why Touchscreens Suck.

    Looks like you hate touch screen phones a lot..! If you take it in an other way, touch screen phones are actually very helpful.. !!

    Games, GPS, Browsing, Video Calling and countless other features that can be considered.
    I, myself hate using phones that doesn't come up with touch.

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