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    Hey, what do you think of the Droid X, is it superior to other phones? it comes out tomorrow, who is getting it and how?

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    Re: Droid X superior to other phones?

    I am going to get it. I'm going to get it tomorrow bright and early...automatically by mail. I work for a company that tests and develops devices. So, we get first pick of new phones, naturally.

    Superior to other phones? Maybe...if by other phones you mean the iPhone.

    It is an Android phone which will eventually support 2.2. The thing with Android phones is once you have one, most of the features are the same. Some have a bigger screen, HD video, etc. This phone does it all...even can act as a WiFi hotspot.
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    Re: Droid X superior to other phones?

    Nice, thats amazing that you guys get it first, I just got it through a pre-order the phone is amazing, and by no means does Iphone stand a chance.

    Now I am of to figuring out what apps to put on it.

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