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    I have my mom's old cell phone, curious to see if it would still work with the current technology and/or if it would have any value to anybody. It's probably 10 years old, an Audiovox CDM 4000 XL, it isn't even listed in the phone list here.

    Not sure whether to throw it away, put it in a free to good home box at my yard sale or what.

    The network was Telus (I'm in Canada), but the phone doesn't say Telus. I seem to remember it being a problem when she moved, they couldn't get it to work with her new number/area code.

    Feedback welcome!

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    Re: Will an Audiovox CDM-4000 XL Still Work?

    Yup... I think the basics like text and call should still work... Havent you tested it?

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