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    My girlfriend has an old HTC P3300 and a brand new Garmin/Asus Nüvifone M10.
    Alas, we both haven't got too much knowledge about cell phones.

    Now we try to transfer her horse load of professional contacts from her old phone to her new one, but somehow we cannot figure out how that should work.
    We don't have an internet connection on our phones, but of course we can use blue tooth or a PC as a secondary device over usb.

    Anyone who can aid us, please?

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    Re: How to transfer contacts? HTC P3300 -> Garmin/Asus Nüvi

    beste hierbij heb ik onlangs een nieuwe m10 nuvifone aangekocht, hoe kan ik deze linken via wiffi. wand ik geraak er maar niet aan uit toestel slaat steeds over op gprs , ik moet dit regelmatig uischakelen, kan er iemand mij daar bij helpen aub

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