I joined Prize Rebel 1 month ago, since then, I've gotten a TON of free prizes. I've actually gotten $100 in free Amazon Gift card Codes. If you are looking for a cheap phone, your best bet may be to get it for free.

The website focuses on the gaming crowd, but there are a ton of 100% free offers that credit quickly. You can place a "Customer order" with your points for anything you want.

I recommend is Prize Rebel. This site is a website where you can earn free prizes of your choice. I do recommend, after signing up, to view offer completion guides on the PR forums, since offers can be tricky. Once you know what to do, it is really easy. If you are curious, here is a link: PrizeRebel.com | Free Maplestory Nexon Cards, Free Mesos, Free Xbox 360 Games and Live Codes

I like PR cause I get prizes really fast there.

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