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    My friend in Cuba want iPhone 4 brand new, sealed, from good family -).
    So I'm thinking what happaned if I open new account and then early terminate it within the month and pay their new $325 fee. No problem..

    Do you know if anything else could happaned, not sure what else in fine print is in thei r cotract.
    I heard that if you even can early terminate without activation, in first 3 days so you can save Activation fee, and save on prorated monthly charges. Do I need to fight with them or it's all OK.

    Thanks tao all

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    Re: Bringing back iphone to ATT store for eatly term..

    I'm not so sure about it but it sounds too complicated. Why wouldn't they just get a factory unlocked iPhone 4 that they can use in Cuba or anywhere else in the world? First of all it's worry free free, second and most importantly it's legal. I got a factory unlocked iphone 4 from timtechs just recently and I'm happy to say that I'm satisfied because i get to use it with any GSM carrier i want and it works all over the world too.

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