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    If I live in California, and call with my cell phone to another cell to Washington, how does that?
    What about cell to landline? Would it keep bouncing off cell towers? Would it use a cable running under the us, or do they use satellite?
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    Re: Long distance connection?

    Usually landlines are used for most of the connection pathway. Your phone connects to the nearest wireless site of your carrier's network. Your call is then routed over landlines to your carrier's infrastructure. They switch it as necessary to send it on to its destination. If the final destination is a landline, the rest of the call travels over the local and/or long distance network to its final destination. If the final destination is another wireless phone, the final step routes it to the wireless carrier and the wireless site closest to the destination wireless phone. Calls are not routed from tower to tower except in countries without landline-based infrastructure, such as some countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Because of the reliance on a robust local phone system, wireless sites in the United States are spaced farther apart.

    The local and long distance carriers may use copper wire, fiber optics, microwave, the Internet, satellites and coaxial cable to connect calls.
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