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    Hey everyone,
    I'm getting a new phone soon upgrading from my old sony ericcson and I'm planning on getting a Android or Blackberry. After about 3 hours of research i found that the Blackberry Bold or the HTC Desire are the top candidates for me. I'll be using either Telus or Rogers and most likely getting a student plan. Heres some info about me and the phones:

    About Me:
    Age: 14 (Going into Grade 9, middle school senior in my area)
    Using the phone for: Lots of texting, FB and MSN on the go, Skype if possible, calling a little bit. Entertainment.
    I have a few friends with BlackBerrys, not a lot though.
    I already have an iPod Touch so music and some games are taken care of.

    HTC Desire
    Carrier: Telus
    -After negotiating with a Telus sales person for about 10 minutes I found out I will need 1 GB of Data and the plan below to use the Desire,
    -This is a problem because it has bad reception in my area (I can only send texts) and the plan will cost more
    ($55 for student plan, unlimited texting, 200 minutes, 1 GB Data, free calling and texting nationwide to 10 favourite numbers.).

    Cost: $80 on a 3 year contract

    This phone caught my eye mainly because its very similar to the Nexus One phone which I wanted for a while and isn't being sold anymore, I also want an Android phone because I'm not the biggest fan of iOS anymore.

    BlackBerry Bold 9700
    Carrier: Rogers, or Telus
    -I am probably going with Rogers because it has much better reception and my last phone was with them, and as a bonus, Rogers gives a free bluetooth headset with it :P

    150 minutes
    MY-5 Free unlimited Calling and texting to 5 numbers nationwide
    Free Texting
    Free IM/Social Networking
    Free Local Wi-Fi calling (My school has a wifi in part of it so this will be handy)
    Free Unlimited Local Calling for 3 months

    100 Minutes
    100 Bonus Minutes: BONUS minute offer is available on a 1, 2 or 3 year service agreement until November 9, 2010. BONUS minutes are not doubled when the client chooses double anytime minutes feature.
    Unlimited IM, FB, BBM (all i need)
    Unlimited Texting
    5 Fave Numbers

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    Re: Blackberry Bold Vs HTC Desire

    The HTC Desire would have been the best choice if it weren't for the rate and reception issue. Blackberry on the other hand is a okay phone but not really fit for a 14 year old in my opinion, you need a phone that is fun to use, stylish and lots of apps. I'm thinking iPhone? Maybe you can try checking if you can get a good plan for it.

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    Re: Blackberry Bold Vs HTC

    Text automatically translated from: German to: English
    The Blackberry is more of a Buissines phone, as more emphasis is placed on the mail than on apps ... So if you like "fun" want to have it up, I would not recommend the Blackberry

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    Re: Blackberry Bold Vs HTC Desire

    I agree with Greteli on this.

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