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    So, my girlfriend is in vacation in Italy and she tries to call me every day. She calls me using a phone in her family's house there, it has international calling and it's the only one with international calling she can use, it's a normal house phone, not a mobile. So...

    she says sometimes she calls me for an hour or hour and half before she can get through. She says she can tell when it isnt going through because she just keeps hearing ringing and it never goes to my voicemail. this is what normally happens, yesterday she called me and she said there was ringing and it went to my voicemail. but, i never got the call... late at night when she tried it worked, but i thought it was wierd that earlier she was calling me and it was rining and going to voicemail like it was going through but I never got the call...

    so, what could be the issue with her calls not getting through? is this just normal stuff that happens with international calls? maybe her phone at the family house over there just sucks? any help would be appreciated, right now i usually talk to her once a day because the call doesnt go through most of the time and i'd like to speak to her a lot more and figure out why these calls arent going through? Thanks!

    BTW: My phone is an LG Vu.

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    Re: Girlfriend is in Italy and is having trouble getting her calls through?

    Not sure why this happens but one way you can figure out the problem is if you have her call to a different phone with different sim (you can just have her call one of your friends) or have her try using a different phone maybe it's also their house phone that's causing the problem.

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