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    3 days ago I had an accident with my cell phone. He got into water during a poolparty and he drowned :-( . I did what I could and after 1 day in rice, I tried to turn it on and ..It worked! but the screen is not in a good condition (the quality of the colours is bad, most likely because of the water..) and I don't have any high expectations for it.
    So I am here because I need a suggestion. After 3 days, I decided to look up at Ebay and hopefully find the right phone for me! But since I am not a big fan of phones (to be honest, I am not interested at all) , I got lost in the site. Prolly because I don't know many brands and there are sooo many cell phones. I neither have any friends who are into cell phones. So after all I decided to ask at any forum thru the i-net. I asked my friends Google and don't know why but I choosed this place. Okay no more describtion..
    I need a suggestion for a decent cell-phone,unlocked and in a good condition at first place. As I said, I am not some maniac about phones so I won't give more than $100. I am pretty sure we can find a decent cellphone for that much. About phone features...ahh I can't really list them , lets simply say : touch screen,video recording,camera(2+mp),MMS enabled, I-net browser, USB interface, radio and other good stuff. Like everyone, I care about the way the phone looks. So I don't like some big and wide ones, such as this BlackBerry Unlocked RIM BlackBerry 8700c AT&T-Mobile Phone GSM PDA - eBay (item 380263839234 end time Aug-30-10 07:11:07 PDT) just not my taste. I like something like this : NEW Unlocked TOUCH SCREEN N99i TV/FM CELL Phone GREEK - eBay (item 230517684601 end time Sep-06-10 19:12:20 PDT) , Unlocked Touch Screen Keyboard GSM Phone XKSSTEL X12 - eBay (item 390222298643 end time Sep-26-10 11:19:29 PDT) .

    I don't really know what else to write..I know I have probablly written something wrong or not enough, but FEEL FREE TO ASK ME ABOUT EVERYTHING! I will be around every evening! I would really appreciate your help! So if you need more information about me, the phone---> ask me! I am from Bulgaria.

    p.s.: excuse me for the *****ing mistakes but I wrote this for like less than 5 minutes and work awaits!
    p.s2: sorry if this is not the right section!
    Thank you!

    edit: just got back at home..nothing yet! I know that my question is very HARD to answer , since there are billions of choices! but I bet there are some ebayworms who can help me! about the appearance, suggest me any! I said I don't like such a phone like the Blackberry I linked because it was too wide.. so I simply found 2 phones that are kind of good-looking for me,nothing else! at 1st place is the quality for sure. thanks

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    Re: Lost guy in a need of suggestion for a cell-phone!

    First off, what carrier do you have? I have no clue from reading this.Try looking up the LG Ally. Great touch phone for $100.
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    Re: Lost guy in a need of suggestion for a cell-phone!

    Well, I don't know if it really matters but I have a friend @ USA so he is buying stuff from Ebay, i will simply send my request to him and there is nothing more to bother about!
    Thanks for the suggestion!!!
    btw: if the lack of answers is in a result the price I wrote, I can give over $3000 as well but it would be pointless for a person like me So feel free to sugges me more expensive like till $600. I have no clue about the prices and when is worth it or when it's not.But I ca give $600 for something really goooooooood.

    Thanks very much!
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    Re: Lost guy in a need of suggestion for a cell-phone!

    I think it really depends on what you need your phone to do, other than to swim that is. For the record I have lose many things out on the lake and ended up replacing them, oddly enough a phone is not one of them. Do you need it to just be a phone or do you need more functions?

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