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    About a week ago my phone got wet.I lost all hopes because we couldn't find it for about 5-6 mintues which is long time for the phone staying in water.
    When I came home I did some simple steps to dry it and then put it in rice.After 2 days I took it out of the rice and tried to turn it on.Success! It worked but I decided to put it in rice for one more day.Today I finally decided to try and get my phone back to work! I put the battery and turned on the phone.

    It worked but there are few things I am worry about. When I connect the charger, a weird and very quiet sound is coming out from the speakers of the's like a short-circuit and it never stops except I stop the charger
    The other thing is that I don't have sound, but its obvious I think when I have the problem above. I have sound when I am pressing the buttons(just like beep-beep-beep you know the normal) but when I try to listne to a song or set an alaram's not working out and the weird noisy comes again!
    Also my screen is darker now.. when I look at the screen from different angles I can see spots over the screen!

    So why is this for and can I do something? I am going to give the phone to a expert since I can't do more... atleast the phone worked I wasn't expecting to see it working anymore tbh.

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    After my cellphone got wet, there is a weird sound coming out!

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    Re: After my cellphone got wet, there is a weird sound coming out!

    I guess it's understandable considering that it was underwater for 5 to 6 minutes. I haven't heard about that weird sound before but sounds like something that you should be worried about so good job on deciding to take it to an expert. Wish you luck

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