I am in need of the following data for a future purchase on an MSN based phone, so I would like to know the bandwidth usage so I can form some form of plan on how much it will cost me to use this service.

I was wondering how much bandwidth (KBs/MBs) you believe you use on your mobile when:

A) Using an MSN application
B) Using an MSN based website

Please specify the application or website & how many KBs/MBs you believe you use for a certain period of time, with an estimate of how many conversations or messages were sent/received in that time.

Otherwise, if someone would be kind enough, could you turn on your phone, login to MSN and send one message to someone and check your "My Account" or "prepaid balance" to determine how much money you spent on that period of time.

After you find how much money you spent on that period of time, please check with your service provider's plan you're currently on to read how much money it costs per KB/MB. After getting this cost, it should now be easy to divide the amount of money used against how many KBs/MBs you used. Then please post your bandwidth data.

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