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    Hello. I'm a new user here, and I'm in the market for new phone. The problem is, I'm completely out of touch with what phones are out there now. I don't know anything about smartphones or blackberries or anything (what is the difference? Is a blackberry just a brand of smartphone?). The last phone I had was a Motorola RAZR, when it was the top of the line cell phone. I'm considering an iPhone, since I'm familiar with it, having an iPod Touch, but it's also for that reason that I'm kind of leaning against the iPhone -- I want something new and different.

    I want the best that's out there right now, and am willing to spend money to get it. So, for the sake of this discussion, let's say that I have no budget. Here's my main question:

    What are the top of the line phones out there right now??

    I'd like to get an idea of each major brand's highest end phone, the best one they have available (for example, I believe it's the Droid X for Motorola, and the Galaxy X for Samsung, right?). Based on the advertising I've seen, the Driod X, the Galaxy S, and the iPhone seem to be the most popular top-of-the-line phones right now. Are there any others that I should be considering that are equivalent to these phones as far as being top of the line goes?

    Also, what about operating systems. Besides Apple's iOS for the iPhone, Android seems to be the main operating system right now. I know Android is what the Droid X uses, but does the Galaxy S use Android as well? Are there any benefits to something like Windows Mobile, or Symbian, or some other OS, or is it just preference?

    Basically, I'm very uninformed on all this, and I've done some research, but there's just too much out there for me too sort out, and I'm just trying to get the low-down, so to speak, on what my options are if I'm looking to buy "the best", and find out which phones are considered to be the best that out there at the moment. Are the iPhone, Galaxy S, and Driod X basically my three options, or are there others that are on their level?

    I will be very appreciative of any help that anyone can offer me. Thank you very much!

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    Re: buying new phone -- help please.

    The best brands at present are the Samsung Galaxy S, iPhone 4, Dell Streak HTC Aria and Nokia N8. It's now up to you as to which of these would work for you best. My personal choice would be the Nokia N8 and I am actually going to buy one on timtechs next week. It's got 12 MP camera

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