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    We've heard of phones with Dual SIM cards, and there are some who may need the Dual SIM's, but now comes a phone that not only has 2 SIM's but has 4 SIM's. The OTECH F1 has four SIM cards and although you cannot see the front of the device, the phone has a QWERTY keyboard as well as a 2.4 inch touchscreen display, support for mobile TV, FM radio tuner, Bluetooth module, and a 12.1 megapixel camera.

    Price of the OTECH F1 has not been mentioned nor a release date, but we will keep you posted.


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    Re: OTECH F1 has 4 SIM Cards

    hi cell phone forums,

    im from the netherlands
    and im getting this cellphone for €160,- this month and from next month the price will rise to €180,-
    now i am really confused should i buy it or not?
    is this cell €150,- worth?
    what will be a good price for this mobile?
    do u already got some reviews from other users for this 4 simcard monster?

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    Re: OTECH F1 has 4 SIM Cards

    It's nice that someone thought about this. I always carry a secondary phone with me and I have 3 in total that are all in use, but there maybe some people who would go beyond that and would need 4. How long does the battery lasts? if it carries 4 Sim cards the battery has to be very reliable

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