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We are a team of students from Vienna University of Economics and deal in a project with just a new technology. Our goal is to find as many alternative uses for this technology. We would love to hear your feedback about because we have already seen in other postings many valuable suggestions.

You are interested in certain people / things and want to be informed immediately if they are in the random moment in your neighborhood?
Our technology could help, for example, when you walk through the city and you get a message to your phone as soon as a suitable person / thing is in your vicinity, which is interesting for you and brings a benefit. Ie you are looking for then but not even this assumes the technology and gives you immediately know when something or someone in your area of interest is present.
Why would you need this technology? In what situations you would need them? To what extent this would help you in your life? Do you know someone who could use such a thing? Which portals / web services, this technology would be useful to connect?

Your help we would be very happy!

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