I am a computer repair tech. who has used a $5 TracFone with a broken camera for years. I now harbor an interest in an MP3 player and the number of options poses many questions. Should I buy a Zune, an iPod, just a regular interface-less Creative (do they make those yet?) or venture deep into Taiwan?

It might be smarter to buy a cellular phone replacement. I would like a pocket-sized camera. I need a large amount of storage and if it were to have an excess of 16GB I could drop some of the handful of flash drives I carry.

I know of the iPhone (I have never owned a Mac), BlackBerry, Android and Win7. I have a budget for the device purchase but am not willing to sign a contract. A requirement is Cricket, Verizon or etcetera prepaid.

I use an hour or less in monthly cellular minutes and only really need something with large data storage and a high-quality camera (and Bluetooth WiFi surround sound a great modding scene and maybe Jetsons car).

What do you recommend?


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