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    A lot of us tend to forget to charge our batteries on our cell phones and sometimes the phone shuts off when you least expect it. Cho Sinhyung and Jeon Jungiae has designed a new concept phone for Yanko Design called, Second Life Mobile Phone Concept.

    They designed this phone to where when your phone battery is about to die, the bright AMOLED screen turns to the E-ink display, letting you know that you have a low battery. This E-ink display also uses less energy, therefore saving your battery until you can charge it up. The lower the battery life, the more transparent the screen becomes.

    via: Second Life Concept bundles in AMOLED and E-ink displays -

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    I have read the same article on timtechs too and this phone suits me because i always tend to forget to charge my phone when I come home and realize Im out of battery when I leave the house in the morning

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