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    A new handset has been created by Mobaido and it combines the Mokume Gane and the Verre Eglomise to bring a unique crafted handset called the Mobaido 712MG Angular Momentum. The handset also has a matching watch, the Mobaido Angular Momentum mechanical watch.

    The handset, Mobaido 712MG Angular Momentum has a 2.2 inch QVGA screen that also comes with a 5MP camera. This is a limited edition as there will only be three handset available. The pricing of the handset has not been announced. The 712MG Angular Momentum has a sapphire that is located right on the battery cover as well as a beautifully painted Verre Eglomise dragons and the hand twisted Mokume Gane.

    via: Mobiado sculpts 712MG Angular Momentum edition -

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    Re: Mobaido 712MG Angular Momentum

    very cool

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