Mobile phones have become inextricably interwoven with our daily lives. Have you ever wondered how the technology actually functions? At Kurukshetra'11 we give you an interesting 2-day seminar-cum-demo IBM certified workshop with an extremely educative hands-on session. For further details and registration rules please check out :
Kurukshetra 2011 | Workshops

Have a passion for innovation ? Love mobile applications ? Why not develop one by yourself ?
At Kurukshetra’11, we give you a platform to nurture your skill and expertise in designing software applications for mobile phones. Participate in our online contest KMAD and start innovating.
(The event starts on the 5th of January and ends on the 20th . For further details : Kurukshetra 2011 | Events)

Here’s a platform for all those open source freaks to compete with your counterparts to render the best code. K++ at Kurukshetra’11 is an online starting from the 5th of January for all of those programming geeks.
(For further details : Kurukshetra 2011 | Events)

For more interesting events and workshops log on to Kurukshetra 2011 | The International Techno Management Festival of Anna University Chennai

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