in case any1's wondering bout the $25 a month virgin phones, i've had the rumor touch a little while and don't like it that much and rather got the samsung intercept for $50 more or the lg optimus because rumor touch not being a smart phone doesnt let a lot work on the phone. it can't stream music at all even from the link on virgin mobile they have specifically for cells. it can't stream music in any form flash player or anything i tried lotsa different sites. it can't download anyfiles except pictures but i did get a tiny 30 second or so mp3 to play from a link but can't download it. the youtube capabilite is just basic- it starts from the beginning of video and you cant ff or rew or skip ahead and when the vids over, the phone goes back to the main menu and you gotta go all the way back 2 utube to watch another one. youtube skips a lot even with full bars signal. there are some annoying things like alarm can only be set with touch screen and it's hit or miss to get it to move one minute at a time, pain in the arse. the games available are very basic like the ones on a $40 flip phone. the vibrate on max for calls is so weak, i didn't feel it and missed calls when i couldnt hear it cause i had headphones on with my ipod. twice the price but still only $200 i'll get intercept andoid or optimus worth it to not miss the vibrate on calls and get radiation tumors from streaming internet radio in the car or wherever.

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