I have a business in southern Appalachians whereby cell calls are spotty.After years (since 2001)of working rock quarries,traveling around the states here and the like,I can say that my Nokia N75 receives and transmits calls better than all phones I've seen here(AT&T).Even the local cell stores tell me Nokia has the best call reception of all makes today(DEC2010).
What's bad is that I see more and more smartphones have really gone downhill on this and even as much as I want to get an Iphone...thy just don't connect calls here whereby my ol' Nokia smokes 'em everycall!
I really wish the reviews would include cellphone call range quality.
I hope this helps you and I hope the reviewers and makers are seeing this.
Also,NOKIA,I'm waiting for a new phone to compete with Iphone...how about it?
Oh yea,AT&T handsdown beats all other carriers.

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