Has anyone had good or bad experience with spy ware for smart phones. Two popular ones I found for I phones and Droids were feature rich. They send copies of text message. the one for the Droid advertises you can turn the microphone on remotely to listen in. Sounds great if they work. Anyone used them ? Any suggestions on reviews for them so I buy the correct ones ? I'm interested in loading this type of software on both an iphone and also on a new Droid. If anyone bothers to check this out can you comment if it's my imagination that the Droid software is way more money ? I think that one allows the Droid to be remotley turned on and used as a bug to listen to what ever is in the room. Not sure if this is offered for the iphone.

Flexispy seems to be the one for the Droid and they are calling the one for the iphone Mobile Spy. I don't think they're is much competition in this area.

Here's a couple of the pages that offer it: Smartphone Spy Software for Blackberry, Android Windows Mobile, Symbian OS and Apple iPhones

Mobile Spy - Monitor SMS Text Messages, Call Info and GPS Locations on iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian OS Smartphones. Spy Software for Monitoring your Cell Phone

You need the phone for about 15 minutes at least I guess to go to the website and download the application onto the phone. Any experience, suggestions, or other forums to post on this topic appreciated.

There's an article I found here 50 arrested in smartphone spyware dragnet • The Register that seems to suggest the developer was arrested but the site is still up and appears to be selling the products.

Also (semi related) a little less than a year ago I found a device on line that was supposed to work with even modern more secure cell phones. I can't find it again and would appreciate the name or link if anyone knows.

The device was $50,000 and it would monitor up to 20 cell phone calls at once and showed you the incoming and outgoing numbers and all that. It was said to only be available for purchase by law enforcement. Our local police don't own one. I have no idea how many of these $50,000 wonders they sell but for that price I presume it must work. So that is question number one. I've tinkered around with searching for it again but can't find it. I also wonder if one could be purchased overseas that does the same job but not subject to only purchase by law enforcement. I'm interested in using one Eurasia not the USA. I'd be interested just to find the product page again if anyone knows it or has better search skills than I do.

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