Latest PCWorld (Jan 2011) ranks wireless carriers, how easy smart phones are to use, and smart phone reliability. Its survey covers 79,000 PCWorld subscribers, so at least users are interested in something beyond the very basics. No real surprise in the carriers and how easy smart phone are to use, but smart phone reliability response was surprising. Reliability rankings are in four categories, with RIM dead last in "significant problems", tied for last with Palm in "severe problems", and tied for last with LG, Nokia and Samsung in "overall satisfaction with use". RIM happily ranks above average in "problems on arrival", but the other negative rankings indeed are disturbing. I've not owned Blackberry before, but am considering their new flip "Style", been looking for a full-featured quality flip format, and here finally is one. Then I read PCWorld, not that they're the end-all of phone surveyors, but they're as objective a source as any sporting advertising space, so hard to ignore. All you Blackberry devotees out there, care to comment? There really is nothing else available in a full-featured quality flip format, and Sprint is well thought of, so how do I reconcile? Clarification certainly would be appreciated.

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