Anyone had this problem before? I had it twice. First, I connect my N82 to my notebook using USB for internet sharing and also file transfer. (For the pass two years, I connect my N82 to notebook without any problem.) One day, after finish file transfer from N82 to my notebook, about few hours later, my N82 turned off by itself and couldn't turn on. I bring it to the shop and they came out that my phone had dropped into water before but this was never happened. The second time happen when my friend htc diamond die after few hours unplug from my notebook ( the same notebook). He went to another shop and the same result (the phone dropped into water before.)

Now, I got my new phone but I don't dare to plug in to my notebook. I would like to ask is this the computer problem? I used difference usb cable for both phone. Hope someone can help me with this.

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