...::::Format Method::::....
Working For Which Problem:
1. Dead Phone
2. Restart Phone (with sim/without sim)
3. With Sim Phone Is Restart
4. Ringer Not Work
5. Mic Not Work
6. Bluetooth Not Work
7. Keypad Not Work
8. Phone Hang (Phone on but no incomeing/no outgoing/key not work)
9. Camera Hang
10. With MemoryCard Phone Not Power On
11. With Sim Card Phone Not Power On
12. Insert Sim
13. Emergency (network problem)
14. Call Hearing Spker not work.
15. Late Power On
16. Though u found any new solution by format add here, i found this.
(All Are Tested By Me)
this problem solv by format but its not true they allawes solved by format, so.....
Before Format!!!
Remember, befor format allawes readback ur phone current flash file, because sometimes after format previous on phone not power on, though not power on after format reflash ur phone with readback flash file (though ur CPU is MT6226BA, don't forgate Decypted ur readback flash file otherwise ur phone is dead still)
Format Address:
Recommanded Address : 0x00E00000-0x00200000 (it work for me for allawes)
16M FLASH: first address(Hex) 0x00E50000;format(Hex) 0x001A0000
08M FLASH: first address(Hex) 0x00700000;length(Hex) 0x00100000.
04M FLASH: first address(Hex) 0x003F0000;length(Hex) 0x00010000.

Hope these can help you!

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