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    With the ever so popular iPhone 4 being launched in markets, Russia has it's own branded phone that will give the iPhone 4 a run for its money. Meet the “Russia-based AFK Sistema’s subsidiary Sitronics handset that also features US' Qualcomm and China's ZTE.

    This handset, a ZTE model A918, uses GLONASS, built with a 90nm GPS-GLONASS chip. Features of the GLONASS include: Android 2.1, FM radio, 2MP camera and 3.2 inch QVGA screen

    We're hoping that this phone will be introduced at the CES 2011 in January. The price of the GLONASS will be $246 in MTS and is expected for a March release with it being launched in second part of 2011.

    via: Russia's first GLONASS phone an 'iPhone 4 competitor,' except not really (video) -- Engadget

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