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    Obsolete operating system designs

    The last thing consumers and enterprise customers want to see next year is an obsolete operating system design. That's precisely why Microsoft finally brought Windows phone 7 to the market to replace Windows Mobile. However, RIM wasn't so forward-thinking. With the company's BlackBerry OS 6 release in 2010, it provided incremental updates to a BlackBerry OS 5. It was a disappointment for consumers and even some enterprise customers that were hoping something more like iOS-like. As popular as RIM's phones might be,it can't expect it's operating system to carry it through 2011.

    Taken from: Enterprise Mobility: 10 Smartphone, Tablet Flaws That Must Disappear In 2011
    By Don Reisinger

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    See More: Tablet flaws that must disappear in 2011

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    Re: Tablet flaws that must disappear in 2011

    I'd say, the loading of OS.. although the memory is quiet good, the loading is not as fast as it should ... I think they have to work on that, including the transfer from one apps to another..

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