hi im monty,im new to this, i need HELP!i know use have seen this message 100 times before. but to cut long story short. im goin threw bad divorce,my wife of 10 MONTHS has been having affair since start.i found out by the guy himself who proved it by showing me a mobile full of messages she sent and he sent back never mind pictures and videos.he smash phone in front off me AFTER,now living with my wife.both laughing at me. not looking for pitty.i want payback,i have my wife phone now.no sim in it.but this is phone that recieved his messages,sent hers and sent the pictures to him. honest answer here please.is there someway of gettin into internal memory of phone. i used a sim card reader and got nothing.so everything must be in phone. is it possible to get this stuff back.its a samsung

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