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    I currently part of Nextel and I the Clutch. My phone is being lame it turns off and back on when i get a text or when i'm sending one my phone also tells me that I have to insert a SIM card when is already in I take out my SIM card and put back in and says the same thing this is the second time that it happens to me and the person who fixes my phone tells me that my SIM card got wet thats why it broke but my phone was NEVER near water and i'm tired of this and was wondering (it hasn't been a year yet for contract) I want to switch to Sprint but need to know if its gonna cost alot to cancel my contract and switch i'm also part of the family plan and want to know if its gonna effect my parents plan as well??

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    Re: Switching to Sprint...

    sounds to me like the battery is just not connecting properly because it's loose and so when you receive a message and the phone vibrates the battery loosens up and the phone shuts off. If you can open the back cover and put a small piece of paper folded into a tiny piece and put it in there before you put the cover back in, it should keep it tight. Then check if the phone still shuts off when you receive a message.

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    Re: Switching to Sprint...

    about the on/off issue on your phone. have you tested your SIM on a different unit? if you do, have you noticed this happens too? So you can isolate which one you need to deal with, the SIM card or the phone unit. Secondly, about the cost of cancellation. Normally, when the contract/ subscription has been made, you have the contract send to you by your account manager or sales rep. Check if there is an stipulation about the cancellation, specially if there is a lock period, say in a year, you cant do any cancellation but upgrade is.

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