Ok basicaly all my life i have had regular cheap phones....but i wanted to get a cool new phone so i checked some out...i basicaly wanted a unlocked phone that would work anywhere....so i found a cheap quadband unlocked blackberry storm on amazon and got it, but when i got it i could not get the data to work....i even tried calling several service providers and stuff, no one could help me. i googled it and it turns out u have to do some additional cracking to get ur data to work...so i said screw it and returned it...i might be moving out of country (india) soon...im currently in the US...so what phone can i get that is good, unlocked, and i can just put in a prepaid simcard and it will autoconfigure for talk,text, data, and everything.... do u understand? cant really figure out how to ask it....but like i want a phone that i can buy unlocked, and then use here witha t-mobile prepaid sim card that has talk and some data....and then go to india few months later and get a prepaid sim card and put it in my phone, and have access to talk, data, etc.... what phone would yall recommend? i wanted a android phone - but i heard they are tricky to get data to work just like the blackberries...i would love an iphone, but all the unlocked versions are hacked unless u get factory unlocked but even with those im not sure if my data would work....the blackberry has me really cautious before i make my next purchase....so what yall recommend? and remember, i want to be able to use data and everything....and hoping the phone also has wifi!


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