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    Hi All,

    I am not a cell phone user but have a cell phone question I am hoping I can get resolved here. I am a volunteer with a Search and Rescue unit and the topic of tracking a cell phone was recently brought up in relation to a recent search. What I'm wondering is what you can tell me about this technically?

    I did some reading online and it sounded as though since September 11, all cell phones were to have GPS chips in them but that they have to have a plan activated for them? Is this true?

    I have more questions but maybe I'll start there.


    See More: Tracing Cell Phone Location

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    Re: Tracing Cell Phone Location

    If a cell phone has a GPS, this is one method that can be useful in order for a phone to serve as a cell phone tracking system. A GPS or Global Positioning System installed on your cell phone is a feature that receives a signal from a government satellite to give directions, determine the location of the device or of the person who has it. The system may use ‘pings’ which are a systematic occurrence of rings/dings, or the concept of triangulation which uses two visual landmarks to close in on a location.
    fleet tracking

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