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    Toshiba is joining the crowd and is getting in on the tablet business. There's also a website that Toshiba has created called, "The Toshiba Tablet", to promote its 10.1 Android tablet. Toshiba reports that the tablet will launch this spring. Whether the tablet will remain the name, "Toshiba Tablet", it is expected to pop up in five different colors and will feature: HDMI out, Android Honeycomb, Flash support, 5MP rear camera, 2MP front facing camera, and will also feature Tegra 2.


    via: Toshiba teases Android 3.0 tablet that launches “this spring” » Eurodroid

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    Re: The Toshiba Tablet in the works and coming this Spring

    I was actually planning on getting a Samsung Tablet on timtechs by next month. I may have to delay the purchase until I hear some feedback about the Toshiba Tablet. My old laptop brand was Toshiba and it lasted for several years even after I got it wet so I am very impressed with Toshiba's quality.

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