I'm new to this forum. Sorry for the lengthy question. I'm not confused, I just don't know why Verizon will not let me pay my Ending Termination Fee until Feb 12th? A couple of weeks ago, I had my account deactivated from Verizon because I had my number ported over to Straight Talk cell service because I switched companies. At that time, I had a pro rated balance with Verizon, which was $131.33. I got that paid off, and that was my final balance, which knocked my balance to 0. My bill was pro rated meaning, I had recently switched plans with verizon before I made my final payment a couple of weeks ago, so therefore, they billed me a month in advance, so there was like 2 bills in one. Anyways, I got the balance down to 0. So, I have been trying to call and make the Ending Termination fee payment of 140 since I'm 13 months into my billing cycle, but they will not let me until February 12th. I don't see why not. The phone agents are saying because just incase I had purchased something or there was a delayed charge after my last bill, but they could see that my balance was 0 after I made that $131 payment. I just don't know why they are making me wait till my bill comes out in the mail, and I can't send any of the ETF payment over the phone with verizon. The only bill I have is the ETF. They are quick to take payments on your bill, but I'm giving them money, so why don't they let me pay the ETF now. I got money. I just want to get the payment over with. Plus they said there will be taxes added to the ETF, but they don't know what the taxes will be since it's not a flat percentage rate, it's different with cell phones. The agent could only guesstimate like $4. I got money, and will wait, but I don't know why I can just send the payment over the phone when they know my balance is 0 and can't tell me if I will have extra or delayed charges on February 12th? I know my balance is 0, they have it on their end as 0, and the only thing left is the $140 ETF. It's ridiculous. Any info will be helpful.

I love my straight talk service now, and have been using it for a couple of weeks and get great reception. There is no contract, no extra sur charges or data charges, just a monthly calling card, with unlimited everything for 45 and internet works great. I was paying 90 dollars for unlimited data, internet, texting, and only 700 minutes. I get free 411 with straight talk. There is a 30 dollar calling card with strait talk too for 1000 texts, 1000 minutes, and 30 some gbs for the internet. That is why I ported to straight talk, and a buddy of mine has been using it for awhile, so that is why I switched.

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