Just got this new lg620g phone because I switched to straight talk, and so far I love the service and the phone; however, this LG model phone will not let me delete more than one text message. I have to individually delete each text message. Just wondering if there was a way to do that because it gets aggrivating after I have texted a lot.

Also, when I'm on the internet on this phone, and I'm switching back and forth between google searching, the texting language autmotatically resets itself to the old school T9 word format, and than I have to keep pressing the star key on the phone to go over to abc. It doesn't bother me that much, but is there any way to keep this phone permanatly on abc format or completely delete T9 word from the lg620g? Other than that, the phone and service is great and inexpensive with no contracts or extra surcharges. Just those 2 things are a nuisancee sometimes. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I'm new to this forum, and sorry for the long questions.

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