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    I need a smartphone that I can use in America and in Europe when I move there come August. I don't want to get on a 2-year contract with anyone. I just need a phone and need a temporary solution until August.

    My brother works at T-Mobile and can get me on his employee plan of $10/month for everything (no contract). However, I would have to pay the full price for the phone itself. But I can get a bargain off of eBay or Craigslist I reckon. After looking at the current stock of phones at T-Mobile, I really like HTC G2 and I am getting closer to buying it.

    But now I wonder if I should maybe wait it out for some better upcoming phones? or if I should just get buy an iPhone or any other smartphone better than G2 and get on a temporary pay-as-you-go sort of thing until I leave in August?

    What should I do?

    Is there a better phone option for me than the G2? If so, should I forget my bro's plan and just go for other phones and do a pay as you go setup?


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    Re: My situation: HTC G2? or iPhone?

    the iPhone 4 seems to be a good option for you and this is exactly the model I am using right now which I bought fsctory unlocked from timtechs and so I got a PAYG plan. Works absolutely great for me. There are also new models to come to the market soon- those recently announced an MWC but if you need it fast then iPhone 4 looks like the best option out there for now

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