A few days ago, I found a map of Canadian cell towers which I could click on and see the coverage footprint (or shadow) of each tower. I have some vague notions of the physics involved and noted the diamond shape directly in front of and behind each tower. I was able to click on several towers and get a good idea of which parts of the region had overlapping coverage from several towers. It was instructive.

Of course, I forgot to bookmark the site and two days of looking hard have not found it again.

I am in the process of signing up in Ottawa with a new AWS (UMTS IV) phone and a new service provider. I live in a new building which is a notorious cell phone signal eater (it's basically a concrete bunker). Now I found out that the provider which I have been testing has had several towers down for some days.

I am eager to find the URL for the map that gave a diagram of the coverage "shadow" or "footprint" of each tower.

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