I am looking for a small touch screen phone. I am not a huge fan of either OS or any hardware. I am looking for the following

a)ability to sync tasks/access google tasks
b)ability to access gmail, browse websites
c)ability to use google voice, as a replacement for a normal cellphone. What I mean is that I want to purchase this phone at full price, and then use Google voice and the data plan provided(preferable $15 data plan from AT&T) to call other phone
d)as cheap as possible
e)if possible refurbished
f)ability to access local wifi as well as 3g
g)a reasonable amount of storage, camera, and other features

Also I am looking for suggestions on which app is best to call directly from a cell phone using GV without using the cell phone minutes and purely using wife or the data plan.

Could somebody give me any suggestions?

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