Only the headphones are beautifully packaged inbeats dre solo a box of meter is as strong as the same headphones. Opening a box of red as the book reveals headphones folded and packed in a soft padded case, an oval on the right. Manual, the Monster brand of headphone cord and microfiber cloth cleaning kobe beats by dre cloth to sit on the left. No adapters or extension cords with the Solo, so you need to buy separately if you plan to use home audio receiver, a recording studio, audio jack or the airline.Our first impression of Solo is that they are very well monster miles davis tribute jazz in-ear headphones constructed and seemingly well planned. Use with wide-band, high-impact plastic and metal with sturdy hinges and brackets provide easy a couple of boxes does not feel cheap. It reveals today's digital music, including the most complete audio and acoustic requirements of rock, hip hop heartbeats by lady gaga and R & B With advanced speaker design. Power amplification, and active noise cancellation, the beat to provide all the power, clarity, deep bass and today's top artists and producers want you to be the ideal dre hear. Beats can be attached to any portable media player and monster butterfly an excellent alternative for the headphones, in the box have the ability to capture the sound, the sound commitment to provide high-definition. Will support and electronic products in the music and some of the most prestigious training support! Music makes the world better!

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