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    Hello all,

    I'm a little bit confused about my choise. I need new non-touchscreen phone with some very high perfomance camera in it. I have Galaxy S yet but need non-touch one too. I know there are a lot of different manufactors in the market that are producing high quality phones for example Nokia N8 or Iphone 4, but all these are touchscreens that I already have. Can someone suggest me something good with buttons?

    P.S. I have looked for reviews and for example Sony Ericsson C905a looks pretty good, but I can't find it in Europe and almost all of these are on ATandT in USA.


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    Re: Best NOT Touchscreen Camera Phone?

    Most high-performance cam phone are indeed touchscreen that's why the options for non-touch with good camera is rather limited. But I do remember my old W995 which I got from timtechs over a year ago when it was still one of the hottest phones around and the 8mp camera was great.

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