hey so i have the option of switchin to any carrier i want. had my eyes set on a blackberry, so i decided to go for the newest one. however, another phone caught my eye, the Galaxy S 4G. I am mostly a texter + web browser + talking on the phone. dont care about games and all that extra crap.

both are pretty portable because of how thin the 4g is and how small the BlackBerry is.

my questions:

which texting system is better? which phone is easier to text on, id like to hear opinions.
in general which is better at texting and makes it more like an im conversation, etc.

best voice quality on calls?

and i know the web browser is ****ty, even though its been improved on the newest BlackBerry bold, but is it at least able to load youtube videos without waiting for buffering, and scrolling through websites to read text without much problem/annoyance? Im a BIG facebook user, so how is that on the Blackberry as well?

and finally, does the blackberry have pretty easy to navigate menus? i know the newest bold has OS 6 so how does that do.

on a final note im leaning a little towards blackberry because i hear the texting is amazing and it has BBM, but the browser is lacking, i know quite a lot about these 2 phones but never found the answers to my questions, so any help is appreciated. thanks a lot

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