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    It's been a while since I've needed a new cellphone, and there are just too many choices.

    I'm looking for a phone that meets a few specific requirements, and don't care too much about brand or age. In fact, the more basic the phone is, the better.

    I need a quad-band phone with the best battery life possible. In the places I travel, strangely enough, there is often cell service but no electricity to be had, so battery life is slightly preferable to RSSI!

    I prefer a candybar for simple durability, as I tend to be hard on equipment of all sorts and hinges, flippy-doodads, etc. tend to fail first. I don't need ANY extra features, like camera, wifi, bluetooth, or even a color screen. My ideal phone is actually an older Nokia candybar that isn't made anymore, except for a "developing markets" version that is nearly impossible to find, and doesn't come in quad band.


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    Re: Looking for a specific feature set...

    Hrm, you may want to try getting a hold of a Nokia C2-01. It's a European phone, but an American version was released as well. It has a 8.75 hour talk time and 430 hour standby time. You're not going to find a new phone without a color screen, and at least the basic features, like bluetooth and a camera.
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