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Hey guys!

My cell phone got crushed by a car... It was my Sony Ericsson W715 .
So now I need a new phone and since we are upon the smartphone era I could really use some help. If you guys don’t mind I would ask for your advices for my next acquisition I will try to make it short and point out what I want on a phone:

- To begin with, two very important things are the Camera and the MP3 player. From my experience a phone can easily replace my needs for an MP3 player and a digital camera. I had a SE K750i and for its time it had a great camera and a good music player too. When I got the SE W715 I just realized how a 3.2MP camera can be way crappier than an old 2MP. The autofocus and macro are essential. The W715 camera is a joke, so please no more like that On the other hand the walkman player was really nice with good interface, 4Gb and amazing sound quality.

- I haven’t decided if I want a regular, smart and/or touch screen phone. Never had one but I think I would really dig a touch screen, but I have some concerns: Are touchscreens in general more fragile (breakable)? Is there a risk of the screen to stop responding to touch (I’ve heard this could happen…) ? I keep reading about Android versions and stuff but I guess I’m really outdated in this matter. Help…? Anyway all 3 are good options I guess.

- I love a fast phone. I hate delays in menu surfing and key pressing. I heard a friend complaining about how slow his phone was… I just want something to operate quickly.

- Phones tend to get bigger and I always carry them in the pants pocket, so the size can be somehow important.

- Good long duration battery (I got used to lots of hours with SE).

- Phone style: It has to be either a touchscreen or a compact-style if it has a keypad (no slide- clam- revolve- like phones)

- The price range… My dilemma is whether I should buy a cheaper one with the “minimum requirements” or invest in something better for the future. Right now I’m thinking about 200 (make it from 100 to 300).

Thank you in advance guys! Cheers!!

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